Bebop Reacts: One Piece Stampede

October 26, 2019




I had the honor of watching One Piece Stampede on the big screen today and it was glorious. It was a spectacle for true One Piece fans. Everything we love about One Piece stuffed into this movie. This movie isn’t for people who aren’t too into One Piece, though. If you’re really into One Piece, this movie will cover all the aspects of what makes One Piece One Piece: A vast cast of characters who all get their time to shine; action; comedy; moments that tug on the heart strings. It was truly a great time and I got chills and nearly got up off my seat multiple times. Being able to watch the movie in a theater alongside other fellow fans of One Piece was a special thing, too. Sharing reactions with people who understand all the little references and action moments of our favorite characters doing cool stuff was a blast. I highly recommend watching this on the big screen if you are a One Piece fan.




My favorite theatrical anime experience of the past few years was Dragon Ball Super: Broly so going into Stampede I wanted to walk out with some semblance of that feeling of hype. While I left without the immediate feeling of fight-fueled testosterone, I left with a different type of hype: The hype that this movie was pure One Piece. Dragon Ball Super: Broly highlighted the type of action and comedy that makes that franchise special and Stampede did the same thing for One Piece. There was a huge cast of characters with nearly every fan favorite appearing, there were multiple intertwining plots that were investigated by evolving teams of characters, and there was that moment when everything came together. Rather than the focused and straight forward action of the Broly movie, Stampede presented the dizzying (in  good way) pace and flow of the series perfectly. That being said, like Infinity War and Endgame from the MCU, this movie is really for the One Piece fans. This limited accessibility doesn’t hinder it, though, because hearing a crowd cheer every few minutes with the introduction or highlighting of a new character was something special.



~ S & W

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