One Piece Chapter 958: The Promised Port

October 17, 2019




This week’s chapter began with a welcomed surprise, a flashback with interaction among the Roger pirates. This is the type of content we have been fiending for. This little flashback was a perfect transition point, we see Oden get off the Roger pirate ship to fulfill his dream of opening Wanos borders.


We then smoothly transition into Wano Act 3 through beautiful narration from the narrator. The art in this chapter is next level. You can feel th emotion and atmosphere in every panel. The Shogun and his party are preparing to sail out to Onigashima as the other citizens of Wano are also starting to celebrate. There is a fantastic juxtaposition between the atmosphere both visually and emotionally in the 2 separate focuses on this chapter, the Shoguns party and the Scabbards.


We cut to the Scabbards at the port in Udon to one of the best panels I think I have ever laid eyes on. Storming, turbulent waves as the Scabbards are faced away from us looking onto Onigashima. Fate has bet against them. All hope is lost in this scene, the slow breakdown of hope is what really hits the heart. Kinnemon has been strong for everyone, planning out things with more hope than anyone else. Seeing him breakdown and feeling the hopelessness and fear in his heart is saddening. Even Inu, grabbing the small boat and saying it looks usable, you can just feel their desperation to complete the mission for their fallen leader Oden. It’s just so beautiful.


The question is, what happened to the allies? We cut back to Orochi and get the sense that something terrible happened.  And the chapter ends.



Absolutely beautiful chapter. Both visually and emotionally. Fantastic buildup and breakdown of emotion and hope. You can feel the emotion pop out of the art. This is what manga is about as a medium. Being able to show and not tell, a true mangakas ability. Break next week, but a well deserved one for all these batches of fantastic chapters Oda gifted us.



~ S


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