One Piece Chapter 957: Ultimate

October 3, 2019



YOOOOOOOOOO. This week’s chapter was BONKERS. Lore, lore and more lore. I love it, it’s what I live for. We begin this weeks chapter with a discussion between Fujitora and Akainu. They are discussing the abolishment of the warlord system and the new SSG technology that will replace them. What I found interesting is that Fujitora is bandaged up here. Sabo put in work against him which may quench a lot of the fandoms thirst of the question, could Sabo put up a decent fight against an admiral. I would say yes for sure now. Akainu informs Fuji about big Mom and Kaido being allied and Fuji is shocked. The name Rocks is brought up and sets up the focus of the rest of the chapter. The legendary Rocks Pirates.


The Rocks pirates have been hushed up by the marines and world government. The newer marines are not aware of the Rocks history. In this chapter, Sengoku gives us the much-anticipated history of the Rocks pirates. They were formed on the island of beehive, which is the current HQ of the Blackbeard Pirates (VERY SPICY). We get confirmation that Whitebeard, Kaido and Big Mom were all members of this crew led by their captain, Rocks. Other big names were on this crew as well such as “The Golden Lion: Shiki, “Silver Axe,” Captain John, and Ou Choku. A most impressive lineup for one crew.


Rocks' goal was to become the king of the world. 38 years ago, there was an incident on  a certain island that ended the Rocks Dynasty. This island was called God Valley. Garp was the one to put an end to the Pirate crew, or that’s what the government wanted the people of the world to believe. Garp himself does not like talking about the incident for 2 reasons. One, he teamed up with a pirate to defeat Rocks. And two, the mission on God Valley was to protect the Celestial Dragons and their slaves. Sengoku gives us much needed incite into Garps character. Garp does not like the Celestial Dragons at all, the main reason he never accepted the position of Admiral is because that would mean he would be taking direct orders from them. The only reason he has been allowed to stay a marine is because of his popularity and achievements.


Oh, the pirate Garp teamed up with to fight the Rocks was none other than the Pirate King Gol D Roger in an event known as the God Valley Incident. This adds more layers to the scene in Impel down between Garp and Roger. They were closer than we thought. The history of the Island of God Valley was erased from all maps and it is said that the island itself disappeared.


Sengoku tells us the real name of the Rocks captain, Rocks D. Xebec. A VERY INTERESTING NAME, Just so you guys know, the name of Blackbeard’s ship is “Saber of Xebec.” SUPER SPICY STUFF.


The chapter end with a shocker. I did not think we were going to get all of them in a single chapter. All the Bounties of the current Yonko along with Whitebeard and Roger. Interesting thing to note, we find out Shanks became known as an Emperor only 6 years ago. Here is a list from least to greatest:

Blackbeard: 2,247,600,000

Shanks: 4,048,900,000

Big Mom: 4,388,000,000

Kaido: 4,611,100,000

Whitebeard: 5,046,000,000

Roger: 5,564,800,000



Absolutely insane chapter. We found out so much information on something we have been dying to know about. Captain Rocks must have been insane being able to lead all these big names. The most interesting thing in this chapter to me is Rocks correlation to Blackbeard. As Luffy inherited Rogers will, it seems as if Blackbeard inherited Rocks will. I love One Piece so much.



~ S



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