One Piece Chapter 956: Big News

September 20, 2019



What a chapter to kickoff act 3. This chapter focused around the events and aftermaths during the Reverie. For this week’s discussion, I’ll go through each of the major events and talk about what I think will transpire in the future.


Part 1 – Alabasta

Chapter starts off in Fishmen island, at a point where Garp escorted Shirahoshi and her family back under the sea. Garp reveals that after the Reverie ended, there was an incident that was reported in Alabasta that the marines are taking care of. Very ominous and the fact Imu was holding a picture of Vivi as the Gorosei were asking who needs to be cleansed doesn’t help either. I think that the World Government attacked Alabasta, either killing or capturing Vivi and King Cobra. They may know that Pluton is in Alabasta and did not want the Royal family to hand it to the wrong people.  


Part 2 – Morgans

Next is Morgans. He reveals there was an apparent death at the Reverie as well as an assassination attempt. Very interesting. W know we can’t take his word for it based on his track record but spreading this kind of news will shake the world. The government wanted to cover up one of the incidents that happened at the Reverie. Cipher Pol was sent to persuade Morgans with force but Big News had some Big Hands and beat him up.


Part 3 – Sabo

The News spread shortly after. We get concerning reaction shots from the revolutionaries and the people of Goa kingdom. It appears as if the news is reporting Sabo has either died or is captured. What do I think? It’s a set up, Sabo isn’t dead, maybe captured. They want to expose the revolutionary army and even possibly Luffy. They set up a Bait and many will bite.


Part 4 – Blackbeard

Shortly after the sequence about the news about sabo, we see Blackbeard saying instead of letting it fall in the hands of the Marines, they’ll make a move first. Another translation Blackbeard says “if they’re going to picked up by the marines, I’ll pick them up first.” A few possibilities. One, He thinks Sabo is or will be killed and wants to get to the mera-mera no mi first. Second, He wants to get to the Shichibukai before the marines. And third, maybe it has to do with Alabasta and he wants to get Pluton before the Marines do. Either way, Blackbeard is finally making a move in real time.


Part 5 - Shichibukai

Coby is talking to someone about the events transpiring around the world. Coby mentions they don’t have enough men and doubts marines will get involved in Wano. We find out the person he is talking to is Drake, he was an undercover Marine all along. He debriefs the Big Mom and Kaido alliance and we see Coby was promoted to Rear admiral. He also tells Coby that CP0 is doing business with Wano behind the marines back. The conversation ends with the bombshell that Coby is headed over to arrest Boa Handcock.


The Shichibukai system has officially been dissolved. The Marines are going after and arresting the former warlords. We see Buggy, Weevil, Boa and even Mihawk. The marines have spread out through the seas to take them down.


Overall Thoughts

Crazy. Madness. Chaos. Doffy’s words are coming to life. The government is doing 3 things at once; taking care of Alabasta, killing or capturing Sabo, and going after the shichibukai. The Alabasta incident is what’s most concerning to me. Potential genocide. As far as the assassination attempt at Reverie, the government may have seen Sabo as the culprit or is trying to put the blame on him for going after a celestial Dragon. The whole Alabasta and Sabo stuff may be a power play by Imu, trying to bait Luffy to come to the Holy Land. My mind is going a million places at once so I’ll end it there. Just wow.



~ S

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