One Piece Chapter 955: Enma

September 15, 2019




The chapter this week starts off with us finding out where Hiyori went. She decided not go to where everyone is. She feels as if emotions will be harmful for the group. Although I believe her, I think there is another reason she isn’t telling us about that will come up later, maybe something with Kyoshiro. The alliance finds out Hiyori is alive and can’t believe it.


We find out Tenguyama was the one holding Oden’s swords for Hiyori and Momo. He takes them out and oh boy, the descriptions of the swords are something else. The sword that can cut down the heavens themselves Ame-No-Habakiri and the sword that can cut through the depths of Hell, Enma. Enma sound like a fitting blade for Zoro. We find out the grades of the swords and they are among the 21 great grade swords, not one of the 12 Supreme grade. Tengu goes on to tell Zoro that only one man has ever been able to handle the sword, Oden. Kinnemon warns Zoro not to take the sword but Zoro practices with it anyway. In attempt to cut a tree, he ends up cutting through a cliff side. Zoros arm turned black and aura was coming out of the sword. Enma draws out the users Ryo on its own will and cuts deeper than intended. If a normal swordsmen were to use it, it would drain the life out of them. Zoro decides to keep it and states that if he gets used to it, he will become stronger.


We also find out more about the odds we are stacked up against. Kaido has 20,000 men and Orochi has 10,000 for a grand total of 30,000. The alliance has 4,200. Odds looking not so well for us. Franky wants to build enough ships for 10,000 people. People question why when they only have about 4,000 but Franky sticks with his guts. This is a clear indication to me that Luffy’s grand fleet will get involved. His fleet has about 5,000 or so people. Add that to the Samurai alliance, we get close to the 10,000 number. While all this is happening, Luffy and Zoro are training and we cut back and forth between them. While Zoro is training, Momo talks about the phrase snatch. We find out Zoro heard it from on old man in his village and that he doesn’t really use the phrase himself. Subtle but I think this was planted in connection to a relation to Zoro.


Luffy and the Udon gang come back and reunite with the bigger group. Luffy is sleeping because of the training he went through. He wakes up the day before the festival recharged and ready to fight. We find out Wado, Zoro’s blade he got from Kuina, and Enma have the same creator, Yasaburo Shimotsuki. I think this man is the same man that taught Zoro about snatch. We see Luffy display the advanced armament haki. OUR KING HAS GONE FURTHER BEYOND. Chapter ends with a chilling narration by the narrator, “The war that will shape the fate fate of the world itself will now begin.” Act 2 End



The Fire Festival is finally starting. Act 3, the action of a Kabuki style play is underway. Some in the community think next chapter we will be cutting back to Reverie. I can see that happen. But regardless, the last time we had a chapter end in this manor was the precursor to Marineford. A Game changing war is coming that will shape One Piece even more.



~ S

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