One Piece Discussion: Kaido and Big Mom

September 12, 2019



One Piece was on break last week so I’m going to go ahead and talk about the big shocker at the end of chapter 954. Kaido and Big Mom have formed an alliance. This has major ramifications not only to Luffy and the crew but to the entire world.


Signs were there that this was a possibility. We know that Big Mom and Kaido used to be allies in the past when they were in the Rox Pirates. In the Reverie, when Rox was first mentioned by Garp, he warned Hina about the dangers of the Rox Pirates emerging again. This portion came up directly after Big Mom called Kaido. All in all, there were subtle hints for a while that this alliance was coming.


Okay, so the big question on everyone’s mind is how the heck are we going to take out TWO Yonko at once. Just facing Kaido alone with all this manpower seemed bleak but suddenly, the odds seem 100% impossible. In my opinion, there must be outside interference. The obvious is that Luffy will call his Grand Fleet which has about 5000 people. I can see a variety of scenarios play out but the one I believe will happen is EVERYONE is coming. Marines, Blackbeard, Shanks, you name it.


The Marines will come because they have always wanted to maintain the balance of power. When Shanks and Kaido were going to meet in the past, the Marines were on standby to make sure nothing too crazy happens. They realize power vacuums are formed when an entity that big has some sort of disturbance. Also, at the Reverie, Kizaru hinted at the fact he will go to Wano, the only thing stopping him was Akainu. Second, Garp said they would have to stop the reunification of Rox at all cost. Once word gets out that Big Mom and Kaido are allies, they will most definitely send Marines to Wano. Reverie is over so I would not be shocked to see that the Marines are on their way to Wano.


Now for the Blackbeard scenario. We’ve seen Blackbeard in this arc. We know that he is aware of all the world events that are going on. You can tell he is waiting for the perfect moment to strike. He has ears on the Wano situation and at the Reverie. Narratively, Blackbeard getting involved in some way must happen because now, Gekko Moriah is involved with Blackbeard. Last we saw, Blackbeard gave him the option to join his crew or die. I think he joined. Also, Thriller Bark was the arc that set up Wano all those years ago. Remember now, Moriah has been to Wano, it’s where he stole Ryumas body and sword. We also found out that Kaido killed his entire crew, which in turn thoroughly crushed Moriah as a being. Moriah being involved with Kaido has been set up from Thriller Bark. It may also give us an idea of what’s to come. Gear Fourth Nightmare Luffy anyone? Was Thriller Bark a microcosm of how Wano fights will go down? We shall see.


Shanks. Shanks is at the Reverie. He will get involved because “that certain pirate” he wanted to talk to the Gorosei about will be heading to Wano. I think that pirate is either Blackbeard or the captain of the Rox Pirates, “The Lurking Legend.”


The name of this saga is The Four Emperor Saga. Wano appears to be the climax of the Saga so by that logic, I think all if the emperors will be involved.  Oda also said that Wano will make Marineford look like a side quest. Big words to back up but the fact that we already have at least 2 Yonko involved, we are building to something insane. The story can go in so many ways and isn’t predictable and I love this.



~ S



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