One Piece Chapter 954: Like Giving Wings to a Dragon

September 1, 2019










Okay, so this chapter right here, oh boy. I’ll start from the beginning. Hiyori goes onto  inform Zoro that Oden was a dual wielding swordsman. He had 2 swords, one he gave to Momo and one he gave to Hiyori. Ame-no-hakibari and Enma. Zoro agrees to give up Shisui if he’s going to get a suitable replacement.


THEN WE CUT TO FLOWER CAPITAL AND OH MY GOD. Okaaaay, this part was cool af. We cut to Law having Hawkins beat up???? What????? Law asks Hawkins what happened with the alliance with Kidd and Apoo, Hawkins tells him that Apoo set everyone up, he was already a part of the Beast Pirates. He goes on to describe what kind of Monster Kaido is and brings up Laws alliance with Luffy. There are subtle hints of turmoil in Laws mind about the alliance and Luffy. What Doffy said about betrayals and surprising events are probably going to unfold. As Law leaves the cell a shadowy figure is there. The figure is the one who let Law escape. It’s most likely Drake, for a long time I believed that Drake was working with Kaido to one day betray him. It seems like that’s what is happening.


Luffy is training in the prison still, getting stronger. Our Captain putting in work as usual.


We also got clarification on the edit Yasu made on the card with the snake. The edit changed the snake into a lizard indicating to use a different port. The Samurai have gathered 5000 soldiers for the raid. Now they will plan their strategy to take out Kaido and Orochi.


Okay, This last portion of the chapter was NUTS. We get info that there are 2 ways to enter Wano, up the waterfall with the carp and a secret entrance through a cave in the back where you get lifted up. We cut to Apoo talking to Kaido. He came back with these creatures called The Numbers. King and Queen aren’t fond of them. These things are HUGE Oni looking things. VERY SPOOKY. Kaido is known as 100 Beast Kaido, maybe these “Numbers” are the reason why he is called that. They probably have monstrous power. Oh, and the chapter casually ends with Kaido and big Mom addressing they are forming an alliance. Yeah.



INSANE Chapter. I was babbling the whole review so I apologize. I don’t know how Luffy and gang are gonna defeat TWO Yonko and their crews. I’m in awe and can not wait to see what comes next.




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