One Piece Chapter 951: Rampage

August 17, 2019


Part 1 – Chess, not Checkers

This week we focus on everything outside Udon prison. We get the aftermath of the chaos in the capitol. Orochi is aware of Law’s capture and they plan to torture him to get intel on Luffy. Samurai are still getting imprisoned even after Yasu’s words. Everyone has a wanted poster in Wano now, no more hiding identities. It’s stated that there are at least 1000 samurai imprisoned in the cell at the capitol. I can see Zoro being the one to free them and rally the troops, just as he told Luffy he would do.


We cut to a VERY shocking development. Bepo and Law’s other captured crewmates are free. They hand Nami something Yasu showed everyone in the prison cell. It’s the symbol that represented the raid with a flight edit, there are two vertical lines drawn on it. The samurai knew what it meant but Nami and us do not. What could it mean? The two lines were drawn on the snake, Orochi may represent the snake, two lines may represent a two front battle strategy. Maybe one group does in the front door and the others come in from behind? Just some thoughts. This is a stretch but the snake may represent the title of shogun and the two lines imply that there are actually two people who must be taken out, Orochi and Kyoshiro. Idk, just some thoughts I had.


We get a brief flashback of the events that led to Bepo and crew’s freedom. Hawkins and Law came up with a deal, Law for the freedom of the crew. Hawkins says Law would kill him even if it cost the lives of his crew. A clear indication that Law is for sure stronger than Hawkins perhaps? Hawkins says he is intimidated by Law because he’s a man who doesn’t take the future into account. Law made them promise not to tell Luffy about his capture. Law knows Luffy would come get him, he doesn’t want the plan to go astray. But what is really going on here? It seems fishy to me, the way Hawkins is acting. Did Law convince him to play along and is he secretly on our side? It’s a possibility for sure. Maybe Hawkins saw something in the future using his cards that made him comply. Very interesting events are unfolding in Wano.


Shutenmaru shows Kinemon and gang that he has beten up ships ready that are capable of taking thousands of people to Onigashima. Kinemon intends to have Frank repair the ships for the final battle. There are 8 days until the battle so there is time.


Part 2 – Rox Reunion

Holy sweet flagnards (shout out to my main man King Recon). What a way to end a chapter. We cut to Onigashima where we find Big Mom chained up, being fed food while Kaido’s 3 All Stars watch. They’re all in shock and a little terrified at the situation. Big Mom has a particular interest in King. She is willing to forgive him if he joins her crew. She tells him that there are 3 races missing from her country, and one of them were supposedly extinguished from history. King is part of that once extinguished race. King has wings, many were under the impression he was a Skypiean. Is Big Mom talking about one of the races from Skypiea? There are other characters in the blue sea that are skypiean like Uroge. My guess is King is part of an ancient Skypiean race that was purged during the Void Century. His native language may even be the language written in the poneglyphs.


Chapter ends with a BANG. Kaido comes in and tells them to take the chains off of Big Mom. We get another mention of the fact that Big Mom and Kaido were part of the same crew in the past. More than likely, the Rox Pirates. Can’t wait to learn more about them. Final panels are a clash between Big Mom and Kaido that results in the sky splitting, similar to Whitebeard and Shanks, WOWYYYYYY.



I love One Piece so much.



~ S


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