One Piece Chapter 949: Mummy

July 19, 2019




What a chapter! Again, we focus on the prison this time as Luffy and gang try to hold off the guards and prisoners, buying time so they could influence them to join their cause. The guards are shooting special bullets made by Queen at the prisoners. We find out these bullets are laced with a virus called “The Mummy Virus.” It causes an instant infection where your insides boil like they are on fire with pain that is unimaginable. So contagious that just one touch spreads it. The guards are using these infected prisoners as a fear tactic against Luffy as well as to deter the healthy prisoners from rebelling.


The Prisoners at this point are broken men. They see no hope. They remember Kaido, how unbeatable he seems along with all his other All Stars. They blame Luffy for causing this, saying that if he never came, they could have continued to live their normal lives. But then, our one true king starts one of his most epic monologues in the series.


Luffy gave such a wonderful speech, and just as Luffy does, he backs his words with actions: He touches the infected to prove to them that this mere virus can’t stop him or his goal to take down Kaido. These men couldn’t be saved with just words so Luffy being here to convert them was the only way in my mind. Through example, he empathizes with these prisoners, touching them in a way that halts their fears. Luffy has always been a man of action over words but those rare moments when both great action and great words come together we see a glimpse of a man deserving to be the Pirate King. His leadership ability was shown perfectly this chapter, raising the morale of a group of men who had no hope. Brilliant.


Highlight action moment in the chapter was when the elephant was about to shoot the excitement shell at them and Luffy saw into the future and tied it’s trunk before it could shoot. I can’t explain it in words so PLEASE read those sequence of events. The art this chapter was MENTAL. Chapter ends up with the prisoners deciding to join Luffy and Rebel with a notice from the narrator that the Fire Festival is 8 days away.



I love Oda, I love One Piece, I Love Luffy. My favorite fictional character being highlighted not through just actions but his words, I absolutely loved this chapter.



~ s

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