One Piece Chapter 948: Kawamatsu the Kappa Takes the Stage

July 5, 2019



The cover story looks like it’s going back to a plot based one. From what I can see, I think Capone and his gang are in it. They seem to have escaped and heading somewhere. I can see this story leading them into Wano for him to join the fray with the other supernova.


This week’s chapter also focuses on the prisoner mines. Chapter begins with Luffy trying to huse the advanced armament haki technique and taking the opportunity of having “test dummies” via the prison guards to train with. In the middle of this, The Warden tells the prisoners to subdue him. They listen to the orders even though Luffy is the one who is trying to free them. These prisoners have lost hope, they fear Kaido and Orochi. The majority of them were thrown in prison because they rebelled 20 years ago.


Daifugo begins to shoot prisoners with a gun that has bullets that spread a skin disease that is highly contagious. We find out that Queen is a master craftsman who specializes in crafting weapons that spread disease and poison. This explains his moniker of “Queen the Plague.” We the readers were under the assumption that Queen would have some sort of Poison related Zoan ability because of this. But this explains that moniker well.


Throughout the chapter, Kawamatsu is basically hyping up Luffy and Hope. I might be stretching but the fact that Kawamatsu is hyping up hope and in turn Luffy is very much a parable. Luffy is the embodiment of Hope in One Piece. Kawamatsu as a character, enduring for 13 long years with hope that one day there will be a time where they can retaliate aainst the usurpers is fitting. We finally get to see Kawamatsu in action. He uses the Kappa style of swordsmanship. Seems pretty impressive and remember, Shutenmaru was able to hold his own against Jack so someone around that level is a great asset to us. Kawamatsu tells Raizo and Kiku that they need to show there true selves and fight to inspire hope into the prisoners. The prisoners need to see native Wano citizens that were part of their cause all those years ago have hope. We also find out Kikus true identity. From what I gather she’s a biological man who identifies as a woman. The most beautiful swordsman in Wano, Kikuno. The chapter ends with our gang stanced up to gang gang the guards and inspire hope.



Simple chapter this week that answered a lot of questions. We got confirmation and the reveal of Kawamatsu. Long time speculation of Kiku being a man has been confirmed lol. The rallying of the prisoners for our cause looks like is about to be comeplete. We won’t be stayin in the prison mines much longer and I can’t wait to see where Luffy’s story line in Wano goes from here.



~ S


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