One Piece Chapter 947: Queen's Gamble

June 30, 2019





Rare chapter where we focused on one story line this week. Chapter starts off with Luffy with a flashback to when Rayleigh broke Kamies neck brace back in Sabody. We get confirmation that it was the same move Luffy used to break his off. Luffy is bracing for Big Moms attack trying to use the advanced haki technique he just used. Was not very effective, Luffy wasn’t able to make it work. An expected and logical outcome a lot of the community wanted to see.


Hyou goes on to explain what Luffy did. The haki Luffy used is more advanced than what he himself can do. The base level he was trying to teach Luffy is like an invisible shield that strengthens your attacks more than regular armament haki. One level above that, which is what Luffy used, can destroy your target from the inside. Luffy being able to get good at this level of haki has a lot of benefits. It helps him regulate the control of haki more, not wasting it, thus making Gear 4more efficient and in theory getting rid of the 20 min limit and draw back. Plus, all his attacks including those in Gear 4 will be even more powerful. Crazy potential that can put Luffy over to the next level, all that closer to being able to fight with Yonko.


Big Mom goes on trying to hit Luffy as Luffy dodges her around the prison. As this is going on, a few prisoners are being set free. Queen formulates a plan to wait until Queen comes back to the room they are in to do an attack that can potentially take her out. In his dino form, Queen goes to the top turnbuckle and dives headfirst on top of Big Moms head.  To their shock, it wasn’t effective at all. In fact, the attack brought her memories back so gg no re. Queen and his boys were killing me again with their reactions to Big Mom but in the end she falls asleep. Queen orders his men to chain her up with as much seastone as possible and use tranquilizers to subdue her. They are taking her to Onigashima and Kaido. I can’t wait to see what Kaido and Big Mom will talk about. I don’t think Kaido will kill her. They have history and Kaido owes her something. We may find out more about the Rox pirates. Chapter ends with Queen leaving and Luffy being the lone strongest man in the prison ready to take it over.



Great chapter this week. Action, comedy and plot progression. Finding out more about armament haki and the potential Luffy has in mastering it this arc. Queen not actually being 2 shotted. Big Mom regaining her memories quicker than I expected. All very good things that clear up a lot of worries people had to the future developments of Wano. Fantastic writing as usual from Oda.


Thank You and to be continued,


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