One Piece Chapter 946: Queen vs. O-Lin

June 21, 2019




Chapter starts off right with the action. Big Mom is layingeth the smacketh down on Queens candy ass. Two hits is all it took to bring Queen down, supposedly at least. Queen is still conscious at this point, so we don’t know if he’s taking notes from the GOAT Usopp and playing it smart or actually incapacitated. In the rampage Kidd and Killer were set free from the torture.


The guards want to contact Kaido but the snails aren’t working. We find out that Raizo and Caribou are the ones responsible to bringing communications down. Raizo is getting the keys to set everyone free. Caribou is being a lot more helpful willingly than I thought he would. The again, I feel like he will get captured again and be brought straight to Kaido and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. Remember now, he knows of Shirahoshis secret of being Poseidon. If not Kaido, he will tell someone to keep himself safe.


Big Mom finds the O-Shiroko she’s been craving but the guards know that nothing is left. In comedy of the year fashion, Luffy says he ate it all out loud thinking he said it in his head. The facial reactions of the guards in this chapter had me weak. I loved it. Big Mom then redirects her rage to Luffy and they get sent out of the ring almost. On her second attack, Hyou gets sent out of range an his neck brace is gonna be activated. Luffy quickly reacts and was able to use the advanced Haki to break it. Hyou realized it and is now standing in front of Big Moms attack because he realizes Haki blooms in the face of adversity. Chapter ends with Luffy bracing for a head on attack from Big Mom.


The main question is how long will Big Mom have amnesia? Story wise, what is Oda tying to convey with this plot point? Was she given amnesia just for this event because Oda knew the circumstances in the prison were going to be too unrealistic for Luffy alone to break out on his own so he needed an outside force to cause chaos? Most of us knew something like this was going to happen. Will Luffy attacking her with advanced armament haki hit her in the head hard enough so she becomes normal again? Many questions.



Nice action-packed chapter progressing the prison plot point. We won’t be in the prison much longer and it looks like we’re going to see just how much stronger Luffy got from his prison training. My prediction is that he will be able to deflect Big Moms attack and make her fall but not defeat her. Wano is really gearing up and I can’t wait to see more.



~ S

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