One Piece: Supernova Tier List

June 15, 2019



Something special this week since One Piece is own break. Here is my PERSONAL tier list for the Supernova as of chapter 945 in regards to who is the strongest. It goes by the tiers and also, left-most on the tier is who I believe is the strongest and so on. I’ll lightly explain my reasoning.



S tier – Luffy, Kidd, Law have always been my top 3. In my opinion, Luffy is the strongest out of all the supernova since we’ve seen the most from him by far. Next is Kidd just because of portrayal. Oda seems to be making it so that Luffy and Kidd are gonna be on the same level. After them is Law, not too behind. If I were giving Numerical ratings of strength for the sake of argument:

Luffy = 100

Kidd – 98

Law = 96


A tier – As you see on the list, in order of strongest to weakest in A tier for ME is Drake, Hawkins and then Zoro.Drake and Hawkins have been impressive in Wano so far and I think it’s just the beginning. I’ll admit Hawkins has shown more feats than Drake, but I believe Drake’s role in Wano is going to be shined upon in the near future. And then we have Zoro. He’s a beast but I think the other 2 are just above him. Plus we can’t have the Strawhats have all the top tier Supernova, makes it less competitive. Arbiterary numerical rankings:

Drake = 90

Hawkins = 88

Zoro = 86


B Tier – Killer and Urouge are equal in my eyes. Killer fought with Zoro this arc and was handling himself well. Urouge beat one of Big Moms sweet commanders which is very impressive. Rankings:

Killer = 84

Urouge = 84

C tier – Apoo then Capone. Haven’t seen much from Apoo so that’s on a hunch of mine. Capone was impressive in Whole Cake but mainly through strategy. In terms of overall combat ability, I don’t think he can compete 1 on 1 with the upper tiers.  Ranking:

Apoo = 80

Capone = 77


D tier – Bonnie. Haven’t seen her in any combat situation. Her impact on the overall story will probably be great but in terms of combat, I don’t think she will shine too much. Ranking:

Bonnie = 70


So here is the numerical ranking breakdown:

  1. Luffy = 100

  2. Kidd – 98

  3. Law = 96

  4. Drake = 90

  5. Hawkins = 88

  6. Zoro = 86

  7. Killer = 84

  8. Urouge = 84

  9. Apoo = 80

  10. Capone = 77

  11. Bonnie = 70

Ranking will change after I see more from these characters.



~ S

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