One Piece Chapter 945: O-Lin

June 7, 2019



Part 1 – Continued Chaos

This week's chapter starts off back in the flower capital where the chaos continues. Zoro and Kyoshiro are still going at it and at the same time, the Oniwanbanshu arrive and identify the Strawhat pirates. Sanji and Drake are also still fighting, and Drake gets a hit off on Sanji with his tail. Drake can’t believe Sanji is a Vinsmoke and Sanji gets mad at him for calling him one. The pirates of the North Blue have an interesting dynamic and I love it. One of the Oniwanbanshu send people to go after Hiyori since he saw her with Zoro and Sanji senses her in trouble. As he goes to her Zoro comes in and saves her and Sanji goes “oof.” Meanwhile, Law and Hawkins come in contact with each other. One of the Oniwanbanshu mention to capture one of the Strawhats so  they can interrogate them and Usopp just so happens to have been given O-Toko to protect. Hawkins is guarding the prison where Law’s crew is, but Bepo isn’t there. They separated the crew an I’m willing to bet that they may have fed him a smile. Hawkins also reveals that Law will not be able to defeat him because Hawkins is using Law’s crew as bodies to protect himself. And damage done to Hawkins would mean hurting his crew via his voodoo abilities. Very interesting circumstances for a fight.


Part 2 – Ashura Inu Kin

Ashura Doji is furious because he found out Kin and Inu tried to frame him. Kin and Inu are apologizing and try to convince him to join them after what happened to Yasu. Ashura tells them to follow him so he can show them something. It seems like it’s going to be a pivotal plot point because the demeanor of Ashura was more serious than emotional. Wonder what it could be.


Part 3 – Big Mommas House

Last portion of the chapter is in the prison mines. Bog Mom shows herself to Queen, Luffy and gang and everyone is shocked. Big Mom says she is here for the O-Shiruko and Queen is not happy about that. He transforms and we get to see his devil fruit, a Dragon Dragon fruit Ancient Beast Model Brachiosaurus. With no hesitation, Big Mom attacks Queen and plants his head to the ground as the chapter ends.



Another nice action-packed chapter this week. We got to see all the storylines progress a little. How will the conflict in the capital end? I think Usopp will be captured because it was hinted before. Him and Nami were talking about what they would have done if they were captured after hearing the news about Laws crew. Now that I think about it, both Nami and Usopp might get captured. It’ll be good character moments for 2 of the 3 scared trio. Testing their loyalty and will in the face of torture. Law is also in a tight spot and will have to think of a way to defeat Hawkins without harming his crew. Some outside force may have to come in in order to set order to this chaos. All in all, excited to see where the arc goes as Act 2 is drawing closer to an end.



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