One Piece Chapter 944: Partner

May 31, 2019



Wow. Just, WOW. Oda really broke my ankles with this one. All of the build up of Act 2 at the doorstep of its climax.


Part 1 - Strawhats v Everyone

Chapter starts off right where we left off from last week with Zoro and Sanji. Zoro has his eyes set on Orochi, you can tell he is angry at Yasu’s death and how Orochi has been disrespecting him even in death. Zoro shoots out an attack we haven’t seen in a long time, the 720 Pound Cannon toward Orochi but Orochi is saved by Kyoshiro. Again, this guy is the most interesting man in Wano, he blocked Zoro’s attack with one hand it looks like. We assumed he was strong, but this helps confirm the notion he is probably an elite fighter. Drake goes after Sanji and Sanji defends. Orochi’s forces shoot at Zoro but my man FRANKYYY comes in cool af and blocks it followed by one of the coolest Franky panels that’s reminiscent of Terminator. The other Strawhats in the area join in on the chaos as they fend off the Shogun’s forces.


Part 2 – Mask Off

Luffy is watching the chaos from the prison on the broadcast as Queen realizes that the people on screen are his crew. The Jailers caught a couple of criminals from the flower capital and we see that one of them is Kamazou the Man Slayer and Kidd. At this point I was thinking, huh? How did Kidd get caught so fast? But oh, ohhhhh oh ohhhhhhhhh. Kidd starts monologuing talking to Kamazou as if he knows him, and it turns out he does. This whole time, Kamazou was Killer without his mask, given Smile and tortured to the point that his mind is warped. Kidd is hurt seeing Killer like this, I like this characterization I’m seeing with Kidd a lot. Kidd and Killer are tied upside down and are being dunked in water. Queen decides to make it so that they will be submerged as long as Luffy is alive. Pretty sick.  Luffy gets angry and attacks Queem but Queen easily deflects and then Queen gets Mad, here we start to see glimpses of the angry Queen, the Queen that we know is in charge of torture. He lets Luffy know that Luffy will in fact die here and Luffy claps back with the factual statement of he will choose where he will die, calling back to Laws quote about the weak can’t decide how they die. Oh and Big Mom busts in the prison as this is happening, chapter end.



I loved this chapter. Oda really sent my mind to the shadow realm with that Killer reveal. It was so unexpected but looking back it makes sense. How Kamazou was able to give Zoro a challenge makes more sense now. All this build up throughout act 2 has been pretty damn brilliant looking back. Cannot wait to see what’s coming next in Wano.



~ S

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