One Piece Chapter 941: Ebisu Town's Most Beloved

April 25, 2019




Part 1 – Good Mourning

We start off this week’s chapter at the flower capital where we are introduced to two new plot points. The leader of the Oniwanbanshu informs a mourning Orochi of a great fire in the forest of Kuri and the capture of The Witching Hour Boy. The identity of the Witching Hour Boy is being teased as someone very important, so much so that when Orochi hears his name he is shocked that he is alive. Komurasaki’s funeral is set for today, as is the plan is to execute the Witching Hour Boy and “Bury the two most beloved people in the capital.” They are going to broadcast both the execution and funerals. The interesting thing about the broadcast is that Kyoshiro went out of his way to prepare for a broadcast before Orochi even asked. I still think he’s plotting something.


Part 2 – Next Day at Udon

At the prison mines, Kaiso breaks the news to Queen about Komurasaki’s death and funeral. He tells them to watch it, so now we know whatever festivities will go down at the funeral and execution will be broadcasted all over the country, even being seen by Kaido and his Beast Pirates. Luffy and You are both fattened and ready to fight; they ended up eating all of Queens oshiruko. Queen’s going to be extra upset and so is Big Mom.


Part 3 – Fire in Kuri

We find out that the fire drew out Shutenmaru, he is under the assumption that one of Holdem’s men started the fire. He’s on his way to Bakura town to handle it. We then cut to Kinemon and the Minks and it appears they were the ones to start the fire just so they could lure Shutenmaru out in a ploy to get him to go directly against Kaidos men so he would have no choice but to join the Rebellion.


Part 4 – The Witching Hour Boy

We cut back to the cemetery where Zoro is recovering and see Brook appear. Funniest part of the chapter ‘cuz as soon as he walks in, he sees Zoro laying with Hyori. I’m really liking the dynamic between Zoro and Hyori, I think she likes him. Brook informs them of the funeral and Witching Hour Boy. Brook goes on and mentions the name Yasu and Zoro recognizes it and Toko says that’s her father. Toko runs off, still smiling but also crying. I don’t know why but that hit me. Something about someone that’s trying to stay strong but can’t help their emotions. Hyori chases after her and Zoro and Brook follow. We cut to Yasu: He is being crucified, still smiling. We find out that Yasu was a Daimyo of the Kozuki Family next to Oden. His character and demeanor were stricter in the past and that’s why no one recognized him. There are two things Yasu wants to say: He wants to apologize to the people, and he wants to tell Orochi something. After he says what he needs to, he is willing to accept death. All the while, still smiling. Wow.



It seems that act two will be coming to a climax at the execution and funeral. This chapter sets up all the major players eyes to be looking in one place. A good majority of the rebellion are headed toward the same area around the Capitol. We know Law is headed to save his crew, we saw Zoro and Brook headed over trying to protect Hyori, and Toko, Sanji and his faction are more than likely to head over after figuring out the significance to the Kozuki Family. All in all, a brilliant way to move multiple separate story pieces with just one event. All of these factions had their own story lines, but the way Oda set the pieces, it made it so just a few events would affect all the pieces.



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