One Piece Chapter 940: The Spark of Rebellion

April 19, 2019


Part 1 – Yasu the Saint

We start off this week’s chapter confirming Law left to go hep his captured crewmates. He’s angry to the point where he is questioning the loyalty of the alliance, he felt disrespected, understandably so. We are also introduced to 3 characters, Bingo, Bongo, and Bungo. All three are criminals revolving around arson. One would supply the wood, one would burn, one would make coffins for the dead. I find it strange that we were randomly introduced to these three but I’m sure they’ll be of use in the future.


We cut to Yasu letting the gang know, they have his full support. He promises this and then heads off helping those in need in the town. The weird part is, none of the Wano folk on our side know who he is. Strange, but we find out that he is Tokos father. He sent her to work in the capital and uses her money to give back to the needy. People call him a saint, rightfully so.


Part 2 – The Spark

The second half of the chapter takes place in the prison mines. Luffy is still trying to use the special armament haki. We get a better description of the technique. It focuses on the concept of flow, taking the unnecessary haki around your body and making it flow through your fist. Really cool stuff. The execution is put on pause for the night and Hyou asks Luffy why he wants to fight Kaido again. Luffy uses Kings haki to knock out guard around them and tells him. I just like the fact Kings haki is being used more and more this arc. Raizo shows up with Caribous help, turns out the extra keys Raizo found were for Caribous cuffs. Hyou informs us that there are 4 more areas to the prison mine filled with thousands of people who were but in their because they rebelled against Orochi, so the plan now is to break them out. The chapter just so happens to end as Big Mom enters Udon. She’ll probably go on a rampage destroying the prison setting everyone free,



Nice little set up chapter this week. Pieces are being set for multiple climaxes on the different story lines thus far in the arc, Prison mine escape and Law going to free his crewmates which in turn may include the prisoners their as well. I feel like by the end of this act, we will have our full on rebellion force acquired.



~ S


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