One Piece Discussion: Mission Failed

April 5, 2019



First and foremost, I want to say that this discussion is inspired by one of my favorite One Piece YouTubers, Mr. Morj. I will link his Channel and the video that inspired this discussion at the end of this review.


The topic Morj brought up in his video was the fact that the Invasion of the Fire Festival in Wano will be a complete failure, We have been being told and hyped up at the fact all the events in Wano will build up to a climax at Onigashima at the Fire Festival and that the resolution to the story arc that is Wano will come to an end there. After watching Morj’s video, it’s clear to me it’s a smokescreen.


Morj brings up examples of past arcs where this happens. An arc in which the Strawhats enter an island with a set mission and plan that is. That initial plan they set up to execute without fail ends in failure. Alabasta, Whole Cake Island, Water 7/Ennis Lobby, etc. The Strawhats make a plan, they go to try to execute the plan and then they face a humiliating defeat.


The Fire Festival has been set up to be this end all be all event and the way characters keep bringing it up as if they execute the plan it will be successful is a little too confident. From the start of the arc we were told the Fire Festival will be in 2 weeks. so us as readers are under the impression we will be in Wano w=for 2 weeks until the problem is solved. Morj brought up a very interesting fact that was brought up early in Wano. Hawkins read Luffy’s future and said that Luffy has a 19% chance of survival this MONTH. Nothing about 2 weeks. I think there is a reason why Oda slid that in. In One Piece Arcs, when the Strawhats go ahead and execute their plan that initially results in failure, it happens somewhere in the middle of the arc roughly. Given that trend and the fact that Hawkins mentioned a month and the fact that the Fire Festival is in 2 weeks, it fits that middle of arc structure.


So yes, I believe when we enter the Fire Festival, that will signify the middle portion of the arc where the Strawhats and their alliance will suffer the greatest defeat they have ever experienced. Us as the readers and the Strawhats will be built up as if this is the final stand, with all the hard work they have done to get to the point where they are, believing that it really is possible for them to win only to be shocked by the overwhelming defeat to come.


The Last point I want to bring up that Morj made is the location of the final fights against the Big Bads in an arc. Onigashima makes no sense for that location. Usually, the citizens of the island that have been oppressed need to witness the defeat. Having the final fight be in an isolated island where none of the people effected witness is not like One Piece. The actual final Fight may take place in the Flower Capital, hell maybe it will span across Wano.


Once again huge shout out to Mr Morj. Check out his ca=hannel and vides:


Mr Morj Channel:





~ S

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