One Piece Chapter 938: Her Secret

March 29, 2019




This week’s chapter starts off right where we left off with the after math of Zoro’s Onigiri. Kamazou was defeated and Zoro passes out from his injury. We then cut to Kinemon and the Minks. They find out that their recruitment plan is failing because the Shogun and Kaidos forces are capturing everyone with the crescent moon tattoo on their ankles. The question that comes up is, how did the enemy find out? It has to be the fact there is a traitor in the midst of Orochi’s camp and we just so happen to shift to Kyoshiro.


They plan on delaying Komurasaki wake to prevent mass hysteria. He is holding the crescent moon flyer as all this is happening mentioning Orochi is angry about it. I think Kyoshiro is the traitor, I believe he was with Oden in the past but for some reason is siding with Orochi. I still believe that Kyoshiro is a double agent that in the end will show he is probably the one who support Oden the most. I think his mission was to protect Komurasaki until the day Orochi and Kaido are defeated.


Next we Cut to Law with the other Strawhats. He’s determined to save his captured crew mates while Shinobu says let them die. Bad Move, Law got big mad. The man from Ebisu town that always smiles shows up and says he’s excited for the final battle. The people of Ebisu town have a lot of secrets that I look forward to seeing.


The last part of the chapter cuts back to Zoro as he wakes from his injuries. He is being treated by Komurasaki and can I just say she’s looking mighty beautiful. Zoro tries to get up and leave but she is persistent in having him stay and heal. Like many other people, I think she’s going to start getting feelings for Zoro. The end of the chapter confirmed what most of us thought, Komurasaki say’s she has been looking for her brother who in fact is Momo and that her real name is Hyori.



Nice and simple chapter this week with wholesome moments. Looking forward to seeing the developments set up in this and last weeks chapter. The chess pieces are being set up nicely for a nice climax for act 2.




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