One Piece Chapter 937: Gyukimaru on Oihagi Bridge

March 21, 2019



Part 1 – Country Roads

Big Mom is on Wano country roads dreaming of o-shiruko. Crew is still in route to Udon to feed Big Mom. She is growing hungrier by the minute. One thing I didn’t notice was that the prisoner mines are also in Udon. Oh boy, I see where this is going.  Big Mom finna collide with Luffy and Queen. This can go in a lot of different ways it’s kinda crazy.


Part 2 – Prison Gains?

Luffy is making easy work of all the gifters. Luffy is saying something VERY interesting while he is fighting. Something I thought was used for dramatic effect in the past since it was the first time we were getting an explanation for haki is ACTUALLY getting brought up and I’m so happy. I’m pretty sure we all are familiar of the scene where Rayleigh first showed Luffy haki. When he was showing armament haki, he demonstrated an invisible shield type effect. In this chapter Luffy is trying to figure out how Rayleigh did it. It just might be me, but that really got me hyped. A form of armament haki where you don’t even have to touch the target. Big Shook. The thought of Luffy figuring it out? SHEESH.


And while all this is Happening, Queen is enjoying the show, eating… you guessed it, o-shiruko. Queen specifically says that it’s only fot him. The fact Big Mom is on the way to that direction and Queen having what she wants, a heavyweight bout for the ages? Or is she gonna make quick work of him? I think Big Mom will get captured and be sent to Kaido and we will find out more about their past.


Part 3 – Zoro Dolo

Zoro is continuing his confrontation with Gyukimaru, and as they are clashing, we are getting a bit of a history of Ryuma and Wano. We find out that before Wano was known as Wano, It was known as the Country of Gold. Nobles, Pirates and other groups were always trying to take over Wano and Ryuma was the one that kept Wano safe and made people fear its samurai.  I’m willing to bet that the moniker of Country of Gold is related to the void century, poneglyphs and possibly even Skypiea. Gyukimaru also begins to speak on Shisui and implies that Ryuma made it become a black blade after many battles using it. Zoro has always questioned the black blades as well. There was a theory that maybe the amount of times a user used armament haki on the blade may make it permanently black. Who knows? It may also have to do with the spirit of the user and connection to the sword.


In the middle of their confrontation, a woman and child are screaming for help. It turns out to be Komurasaki and O-Toko. They are being chased by Kamazou the man slayer. Batosai. Zoro Starts fighting him but Gyukimaru is being weird and is also attacking. In one of those gag moments of him attacking Zoro while his guard is down, Man Slayer is able to stab Zoro in the shoulder. With his scythe. The scythe is stuck deep in the sholder. So deep it came out the back quite a bit. Zoro makes use of this opportunity and like the badass we know and love, pulls out the scythe with his mouth and uses it as his third sword and strikes Man Slayer as the chapter ends.



WOW. A lot of stuff revealed this chapter that adds more questions and I’m here for it. The possibilities that were established in this chapter adds a lot of good suspense to the arc. Looking forward to how Oda decides to take all these plot points.



~ S

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